Udaan Recap: Imli Swears That Chakor is Carrying Rann Vijay’s Child

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Udaan

Representative Image: Youtube grab/ Udaan

September 26th episode written update for you.

Udaan September 26th Episode starts with Chakor standing outside the locked door when suddenly Rann Vijay comes out. He looks annoyed and asks what she was doing there. Rann Vijay tells her that as a Guest she is just like God and even God doesn’t spy in someone else’s home. Rann Vijay asks her to go and sleep.

Chakor steps outside and feels the fresh air. She thinks about running from there and then sees herself falling in Suraj’s arms. Chakor tells Suraj that he is going to be a father. And then Suraj hits her with a knife. Chakor wakes up, frightened. Kavya comes and tries to pacify Chakor. She tells Chakor about her husband who had also left her two years back. Rann Vijay comes and gives water to Chakor. Rann Vijay tells Chakor that because she keeps thinking about what has happened in her life the whole day, those memories haunt her in her dreams too. Rann Vijay gifts her a phone and Chakor smiles and thinks about calling Imli.

In Azadganj, Kasturi tells Suraj that she cannot believe that Chakoriya has married someone else. She asks Suraj to take her to Chakor and so she can ask Chakor the truth. Suraj agrees and goes out to take the car when Imli stops them and says that why they want to spoil Chakor’s married life. Imli receives Chakor’s call. Suraj asks whose call is it. Chakor feels content after hearing Suraj’s voice, she asks Imli if he knows about their child. Imli refuses to talk to her and disconnects.

Suraj and Kasturi plan to leave again and Imli stops them by once again saying that she will not let them destroy Chakor’s married life. Imli takes them in front of Lord Shiva’s idol and swears that she will tell them a truth. She says that Chakor is carrying Rann Vijay’s child. Suraj slaps Imli.

Meanwhile, Chakor and Rann Vijay’s mother see new born’s clothes and she tells Chakor that all these clothes were for Kavya’s child but then. Chakor asks but then what, she says that leave the old things as they are things of the past.

Back at Azadganj, Imli reveals Suraj that Chakor had told her before leaving Benaras that she is pregnant. Suraj snickers and tells Imli that you’ll swear by Lord Shiva and I’ll agree. He asks Imli to swear by her own Mother and tell the truth. Imli feels hesitant and then swears on her mother that her sister is pregnant for one month and then she takes off her hand and says that her husband is Rann Vijay Singh.

Imli weeps crocodile tears and pleads that till the time Chakor was in Benaras she could never be happy, and now as her sister is happy, she won’t let anyone spoil her marital bliss. Kasturi says that Chakor will never be happy and she will not look at her face till her death.

Imli callbacks Chakor and scold her that Suraj is after her life and doesn’t love her and still she keeps calling her. She asks her to forget Suraj, Chakor says that how can she forget Suraj ever as his love is flourishing in her womb. She says that even if she tries, she can never forget him. Chakor says that she is going to be a mother and whatever a mother thinks, her child perceives it. So she wants to be positive about Suraj and her love. She says that she has never felt defeated in life and this time too she is sure that she will be victorious in winning her love - Suraj back.

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