Udaan Episode Update: Imli is All Set to Become Kamal Narayan’s Successor

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

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Udaan's latest starts with Rann Vijay entering the pandal after Chakor convinces Imli to leave. As Chakor walks towards the pandal Suraj sees her. She faints and as Suraj runs towards her, Rann Vijay holds Chakor in his arms causing Suraj to stop in his tracks. Suraj recalls that Imli told him that Chakor loves someone else which is why she has left him. So Suraj leaves with Imli . Chakor prays and remembers Imli’s advice that she must leave with Rann Vijay to save her child. Suraj bemoans that Chakor has forgotten him and has created her new life and decides he should return to his previous life. The story between Chakor and Suraj has apparently ended. This makes Imli happy, but suddenly Chakor turns back and sees Suraj recalling everything from their days in love up to the day when Suraj held a pistol on her.

Rann Vijay tells Chakor that there must be something good behind whatever is happening. He suggests that they to start a new life with new people in a new city with new hope.

Chakor arrives at Rann Vijay’s home where his mother welcomes her with a tilak and tells her that Chakor is a beautiful name. Chakor tells her that her grandfather kept her name after the bird Chakor. Rann Vijay’s mother tells her that Rann Vijay has told him that she is his old friend and is in trouble due to which she will be living with them for some days. some small girls arrive in the house and Rann Vijay’s sisters tell her that due to Navratri there’s a kanya poojan. There are a few security guards who take the girls back to their home.

Suraj arrives home drunk and cries as Chakor has left him. His mother tells him that Mata rani’s idol is placed there and Suraj apologizes and leaves. Chakor’s mother says that Chakoriya can never do this, a sentiment everone shares. Suraj gets angry again that Chakor has betrayed him and worn someone else’s sindhoor. Chakor’s father requests Suraj to make him meet Chakor. Suraj’s mother also asks them to meet Chakor to ask why she’s left everyone. Suraj stops everybody and yells at everyone and tells everyone to stop chanting Chakor’s name.

Imli tells Kamal Narayan that this is what he wanted, and she has acheived it. Suraj hates Chakor’s name and Chakor herself won’t come back to Azadganj ever. Kamal Narayan commends Imli for being a cunning conspirator despite her innocent face. Kamal Narayan tells Imli that now Suraj will become his successor and do things according to his original plan. Imli says he will not become Kamal Narayan’s successor, will drown in alcohol, and not be able to control himself never mind anything else. Kamal Narayan asks Imli who will become his successor and she says that she will become the successor and handle his empire.

Imli asks Kamal Narayan if she’s less than anyone else. Imli tells Kamal Narayan that earlier it was Chakor who was the Messiah of Azadganj and she used to go after her. But now she’s thrown her out and it is going to be only Imli and him. Kamal Narayan says that of course she is the one who will be his Uttraadhikari.

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