Udaan: Suraj Finds Chakor On Karvachauth

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

Photo courtesy: YouTube screengrab

An upcoming twist in Udaan may shock you.

Udaan starts with Ranvijay checking the taxi while Chakor puts on a veil and leaves with other women. Chakor then calls Imli to find where she has reached, Imli tells her it will take some more time.

Kamal Narayan talks to a minister and tells him that his son Suraj is going in the right direction and he will declare him his heir, not Imli.

Suraj arrives at the address given to him by Pakhi. He bumps into some women but misses to see Chakor. Suraj stays at the Karvachauth Puja to find Chakor, he roams around quite close to her but they don’t see each other.

Meanwhile, Kamal Narayan calls Imli and asks if she’s met Chakor. He asks the reason why she had called her there on Karvachauth. Imli replies rudely that she doesn’t need to report everything to him. Both of them argue and Kamal Narayan throws his phone to end the conversation.

At the Karvachauth puja, a thief disguised as a woman is caught. He points the gun at a woman and asks everyone to stay away. Chakor saves the woman but instead gets nabbed by the thief. Suraj sees the thief holding a girl and decides to save her. He tells Pakhi that police were finding a murderer and he’s caught a woman to save himself.

Suraj goes to the terrace and fights the criminal. Chakor falls down. Police comes and nabs the murderer. Chakor looks at the moon and says that Suraj still hasn’t come. She closes her eyes and prays for his well being and long life. She hears Suraj’s voice and turns. She’s overwhelmed to see Suraj in front of her. She faints and Suraj holds her in his arms. He feeds her water while the wind blows off her veil. Suraj gets astounded to see her while Mahiya plays in the background.

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