10 Signals that Say You’re Healthy, Despite the Weight!

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These signs might shock you!

Body Fat is the not the only determiner of body weight. Factors like bone density, body type, muscle-fat ratio, height as well as age and sex are also crucial deciding factors of your body weight. However, at times, most of us get into thinking that we are not healthy when we scale high on the weighing machine than our peers. For such times, here’s a checklist of 10 signals that signify you’re healthy. Just go through these and relax coz worrying unnecessarily too throws a curveball on your health:

1. Clear Skin

Your skin is an important indicator of good health. Hormonal imbalances, PCOS, thyroid, infections, stress, etc often send signals through your skin. If frequent acne outbreaks, allergies, pale complexion and other skin conditions don’t bother you, then you may consider that all is well on the other side of your body’s largest organ.

2. Clear Urine

Just like skin, the color of your urine is also a good indicator of health especially the normal functioning of your kidneys.

3. Regular Bowels

Regular bowels are important to wipe out toxins from the body. If you are regular to the loo without any effort, then it is a healthy sign of a strong digestive system.

4. Regular Periods

For women, nothing is more important than getting into a regular menstrual cycle. Your reproductive system is in good health if you are getting regular periods between 21 to 35 days from your last cycle.

5. Controlled Cravings

It is a healthy sign if you are not blown away by sugar cravings or bouts of binge eating. Controlled cravings signify good emotional and physical wellbeing.

6. Great Community

It won’t be wrong to say that when you are happy inside, you thrive in personal relationships too as your ability to handle stress, manage relationships and take care of yourself as well as others increase manifold.

7. Good Immunity

People who are healthy don’t fall sick often. Their strong immune system guards them seamlessly from infections and microbial attacks.

8. Good Sleep

Sleep disorders are the first signs of issues like mental stress, fatigue, depression, acid reflux, and so on. If nothing is perturbing your sleep, it means you are in total control.

9. Active Lifestyle

If you are leading an active lifestyle, you care about moving yourself every now and then by taking stairs, dancing, exercising, more than often; you eat mindfully and seriously take your health, then the probability is that you have the energy to do all this due to your strong health game.

10. Waist Circumference

Lastly, your waist circumference is a big indicator of your overall health. If you weigh higher than others, but have a close to flat stomach then consider yourself in the healthy zone as belly fat is a harbinger of health issues like cancer, heart disease, infertility, diabetes and more. Remember, it’s good to be pear-shaped than apple-shaped.

  • First Published: July 19, 2018, 13:53 IST
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