3 Proven Home Remedies that Fight Pimples

(A File Photo/Image for representation.)

(A File Photo/Image for representation.)

Use these three and get a blemish-free skin.

Pimples can appear anytime on your face or shoulders, pushing you to search for some solution to suppress or cure them. However, few amongst us have ever succeeded in quashing persistent pimples out from our life. Over-the-counter medications seem to be worsening the condition while creams that claim to treat pimples, live no way up to our expectations. The solution to a pimple free skin lies in holistically treating it, continuously life-long. Here are 3 simple Ayurvedic home remedies that can help you immensely treat those pimples and get a blemish-free skin:

1. Water & Lemon – Skin Tonic

Tone your skin every night with a home-made tonic made from lemons and distilled water, as your first Ayurvedic remedy for pimples. Squeeze two lemons and add 2 teaspoons distilled water. Apply this tonic all over your face using a cotton pad and leave it overnight. Rinse the next morning and follow the regime for a few months to see a blemish and pimple-free skin. This tonic works because of the presence of citric acid that kills bacteria and also reduces redness caused by infection and inflammation.

2. Cinnamon & Coriander

Juice the leaves of coriander and mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Store this Ayurvedic recipe and consume 1 teaspoon after meals twice daily. Coriander and Cinnamon have antimicrobial and antifungal properties that reduce oxidative stress and also aid digestion.

3. Turmeric & Basil

Take about 20-25 basil leaves and 2 teaspoons turmeric powder; grind them to form a fine paste. Consume ½ teaspoon of this paste by diluting in half-cup water, preferably before meals each day. While basil protects you from free radical damage, the antibacterial properties of turmeric aid clear skin.

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