3 Reasons how Fiber promotes Gut Health

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A healthy gut is a happy gut!

If thinking about Gut Health transports your mind immediately to just Probiotics then you probably should start delving upon Fiber aka Prebiotics too. A healthy gut means a happy you, as that’s the place where happiness hormones like dopamine are released. To keep your gut brimming with good health, you must eat fiber-rich foods too (besides probiotics) that train your gut and keep it healthy due to the following three reasons:

1. Promotes Good Bacteria

Fiber promotes good bacteria in your gut and creates a healthy microbiome. A balanced microbiota inhibits metabolic syndrome, which in plain words makes you less vulnerable to obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and blood pressure issues.

2. Fights Bad Bacteria

Fiber is rich in a type of protein called ‘interleukin-22’ which signals your cells to kill the bad bacteria dwelling inside your gut. What else can you wish for?

3. Protects Epithelial Cells

The bad bacteria in your gut sabotage your intestinal epithelial cells aka the connective tissues. High fiber foods restore good bacteria that can trigger production of good cells and protect the gastrointestinal layers from pathogen attacks.

Besides promoting gut health, fiber-rich diet lowers inflammation in your body, improves your metabolism and maintains heart health. Include lentils, beans, raspberries, cucumbers, and various other fruits, vegetables and wholegrains to stay healthy and happy!

  • First Published: April 6, 2018, 13:37 IST
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