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3 Reasons Why Weight Watchers Stick to Same Breakfast Everyday!

For those who find sticking to the same breakfast a tad bit monotonous.

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: November 13, 2017, 7:54 AM IST
3 Reasons Why Weight Watchers Stick to Same Breakfast Everyday! Image for representational purpose only. (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ vgajic/ Istock.com)
Finding the right recipe for a healthy breakfast is like finding the holy grail of weight loss. While some people may find it boring, but it saves time and helps weight watchers stick to healthy and nutritious diet. It can be a breakfast comprising 2 eggs + 2 whole wheat bread toasts + 1 cup of coffee or a traditional South Indian breakfast with 2 Idlis + 1 cup of tea/coffee + sabzi/sambhar (optional) or the contemporary Oats porridge or some other healthy meal . The list of healthy breakfast ideas is endless and you must choose according to your taste, food choices and time you can spare every morning. Here are three benefits of sticking to the same breakfast to achieve your health goals:

1. Strong Follow-up

When you know what you are supposed to eat every morning, your brain synapses accordingly and accepts it like any other regular task. It is then easy to follow through our meal plans and avoid eating just what comes in the way.

2. Lessened Distraction

When your breakfast is fixed, you are prepared to eat the same thing, which lessens distractions as you don’t see choices in front of you anymore. There is no temptation to make different foods as you know what you have to eat and why.

3. Saves Time

One thing that wastes most of the time every morning is choosing your clothes for the day and what you should have in the breakfast. People who are pressed for time, often end up eating just a toast and a cup of coffee or pour in a bowl of milk with corn flakes. Finding a healthy recipe that takes no time to prepare will save you time and let you stick to your fitness goals too.

For those who find sticking to the same breakfast a tad bit monotonous, can create a menu of healthy breakfast choices and stick to it.full-blownrnings can have Idlis, Sambhar, etc or a full blown English breakfast as you have time to prepare and indulge. On Mondays, you can have the most simple English breakfast of eggs and toasts, to save time yet not compromise on health.
First Published: November 13, 2017, 7:54 AM IST


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