3 Tips to create a Meditation Corner in your Home

 (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ DragonImages / Istock.com)

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ DragonImages / Istock.com)

Enjoy benefits of improved focus and happiness at home.

Meditation imbues peace in the human body. The importance of meditation that grew in Ancient India has taken the Western world by storm. No wonder meditation centres exist in the highly commercialized areas of the New York Street amongst many other places across the world. While in India, you won’t find too many meditation centres even in Metros, but that should not stop you from creating a meditation corner in your home where not just you, but your elders, kids and partner too can reap the benefits of sparing 10-15 minutes in the morning and before bedtime.

Here are 3 tiny things that you must keep in mind when creating your place of Zen and positivity:

1. Go Neutral

Choose a neutral color palette for your meditative space. Be it the color of the walls or linen or your yoga mats. Color impacts your mood as well as thinking. Keep it neutral to keep it clear. Light colors have calming effects while loud shades overwhelm.

2. Go Natural

Introduce the power of nature by making indoor plants a part of your interiors. You can choose from succulents to bamboo to bonsais. Nature’s beauty will not just beautify your home but purify the air too.

3. Go Minimalist

Meditation aims to collect your thoughts while de-cluttering what’s unimportant. A de-cluttered place facilitates meditation. Create ample space in your meditative corner by picking a minimalistic approach. There should be just a few things like your seating linen (or Yoga mat), a few plants, a shelf or two, or a piece or two of furniture. The more minimalistic, the more tranquil!

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