5 At Home Workouts to Beat Winter Blues!

Photo Courtesy: Yogen Shah

Photo Courtesy: Yogen Shah

Your winter fitness motivation when it's too cold outside!

If you think you can dupe your brain from exercising during winters, well no, you can’t, because we are here to feed 5 ways how you can exercise indoors in these chilling months and up your health game!

1. Stairs or Kitchen Slab

We are not talking about just taking a few rounds on the stairs. It requires good effort to be in good shape, so gear up for push-ups on the stairs or on your kitchen slab (but that’ll be too easy). It is an effective starter for those who find it difficult to do pushups on the floor. Start with a gap of few steps and decrease gradually.

2. Cycling

Stationary cycles can be found biting rust in almost every urban Indian household. Time to take it out! Either place it in your TV room or grab a pair of earplugs to tune in music that evokes the cyclist in you. A 15-30 minutes early morning session can pump you up for the rest of the day and beat stress, calories and winter laze. Also, move your arms and neck; tuck your tummy in; try deep breathing in tandem with your leggy workout to maximize benefits.

3. Invest in a Gaming Console

Gift yourself and your partner a nice gaming console this New Year. Try Exergaming with Kinect games that include lawn tennis, cricket, boxing, dancing, exercising, there are many… These games uplift your visual sensation and engage you in performing well.

4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands don’t require much space and can be used for effective stretching at home. If your aim is to tone your body, then Light Intensity Training is good for you. Resistance bands give you full-body burn. You can do overhead press, squats, side-steps, seated triceps, sprint forward and so much more.

5. Then there’s always YouTube

If any of the four options listed above don’t move you, then the last resort for you is YouTube. Take your call – Yoga, Pilates, Dance, HIIT, Plank Workout. there’s an endless variety to keep you entertained and moving!

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