5 Dining Habits of Slim and Fit Families

Representative image: Getty Images

Representative image: Getty Images

Importance of eating a meal together!

Ever wondered why there are some families where every member is slim and fit? You would say it’s in their genes. Well, as per several studies, the secret lies not in the genes but the daily dining habits of these families. Let us share some of the dining habits that have been cited in studies after studies.

1. Dining Together in Dining Room

Almost every study that observes fit families points out the importance of dining together in the dining room. Families of overweight kids generally eat in the bedrooms or family rooms, whereas, families that dine at a dining table tend to be of healthy weight.

2. No Distractions

Taking away gadgets from the dining room comes with its own benefits. First you get time to bond with each other, and secondly, it helps in mindful eating. As per a study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the food intake is at least 10% more with distractions.

3. Self Serving

Children are encouraged to self-serve their portions and are never pushed to take second servings. Everyone develops the habit of listening to their hunger and eats accordingly. Also, children in families that pass bowls are open to trying new things as compared to children who are served in a plate.

4. Longer Mealtime

As per studies, families that eat together spend 18 minutes on an average at the dining table, which otherwise is 13.5 minutes if you are distracted or eating alone. Longer mealtime away from gadgets does not mean more food, but signifies mindful and slow eating rather than just gulping down food.

5. Water

Lastly, fit families pour water for mealtime. Dehydration can interfere with your satiety levels and can make you perceive that you are hungry. Drinking moderate water during the meals also aids digestion and lets you steer clear of sodas or other beverages later.

  • First Published: February 21, 2018, 10:15 IST
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