5 Food Fads You Must Avoid on your ‘Mission Weight Loss’

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ stevecoleimages/ Istock.com)

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ stevecoleimages/ Istock.com)

Five fads to see good results sooner than later.

Losing weight is not a cake walk. It takes absolute discipline, a lot of time and sweat to shed weight substantially. While you are on your weight loss journey, you’ll get a lot of unwanted advice, you’ll read and hear about new diets, and you’ll be tempted to try some. While experimenting with weight loss ideas, you must steer clear of these five fads to see good results sooner than later:

1. Juice Detox

Juice detox is trending, and given the hot weather you’d readily pick this trend without a second thought. However, even if you are trying juice cleanse with fresh fruit juices only, you are ingesting a lot of fructose aka natural sugar. Also, juicing takes away fiber from fruit. Moreover, a liquid diet does not satiate the brain and chances are you’ll end up consuming more calories than you otherwise will.

2. Cutting Calories Drastically

Most weight watchers try to go on Crash Diet from Day 1. This practice not just bereaves you from macronutrients and requisite calories, it can also make you lose muscle mass and deplete your metabolism which are in no way good signs for your weight loss plan.

3. Abandoning Carbs Completely

Another common myth is to avoid all carbohydrates. As per nutritionists, complex carbohydrates are not just essential for healthy brain function, but they are loaded with dietary fiber too which in turn helps you slim down.

4. Eat Now, Exercise Later

Stay away from munching cheat meals often, thinking that you can burn the calories later in the gym. Consuming too much sugar or junk food not just add pounds to your body weight, they also hamper your insulin levels, cholesterol and metabolism significantly, which badly affect your overall weight loss efforts.

5. Expecting Immediate Results

Lastly, do not fall in the trap of ‘Instant/Immediate Results’. Healthy weight loss never happens overnight. You need to be consistent as well as persistent in your weight loss journey. Remember, the scale will budge, but not too soon.

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