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5 Habits that Boost your Immunity

These simple steps can boost your immunity!

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: April 9, 2018, 1:12 PM IST
5 Habits that Boost your Immunity Image: Instagram/ Alia Bhatt
Our Immune System is our body’s defence force that fights germs, microbes and general sickness. Staying healthy and strong to shoo away illness is important not just for our overall well being but for our day to day productivity too. Right from our saliva that contains antimicrobials, to hydrochloric acid in our stomach, from proteins and other chemical compounds to our microbiome, our body has a strong mechanism against any outside microbial attack, provided with nurture it with right foods and daily habits. Let’s take a look how we can boost our immunity:

1. Natural Antibiotics & Antivirals

Consume foods like garlic, ginger, honey etc as a natural source of antibiotics for your body; Elderberries, calendula, licorice root, etc are some natural antivirals that fight infections and further strengthen your immune system.

2. Prebiotics & Probiotics

Our body’s immune system largely depends on our gut health, where our microbiome dwells. Eating the right amount of prebiotics like legumes, leafy greens, whole-grains etc and probiotics like cottage cheese, butter, curd, yogurt etc nurture the good bacteria that fights off the bad guys.

3. Hot Soups & Green Tea

Hot Chicken soup (made from farm-raised chicken) has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties that strengthen your immunity. Similarly, Green Tea boosts B-Cell antibodies that act against pathogens, while nourishing our body with antioxidants that fight free radicals. Include such fluids in your daily diet to see a difference in your energy levels as well as your vulnerability to fall sick.

4. Eating Consistently

Eating consistently and consuming nutrient dense diet is the single most reason to build up your immune system. Do not diverge from eating right. Ensure you consume protein, fiber and complex carbs each day without fail and limit sugar, salt and oil intake.

5. Good Fats

Good Fats like Omega fatty acids are found in nuts and seeds and aid your immunity. Eat a moderate dose of almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews, pistachios, flaxseed, etc each day to stay in pink of health.
First Published: April 9, 2018, 1:12 PM IST


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