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5 Steps to Become a Morning Person!

Being an early riser comes with its perks!

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: December 21, 2017, 2:04 PM IST
5 Steps to Become a Morning Person! (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ martinedoucet/ Istock.com)
If you take a sneak peek into the routines of successful entrepreneurs, athletes and the rich and famous, one thing that you would find common is that most of them are early birds. Being an early riser comes with its own physical and mental benefits however becoming an early riser takes discipline, good health and a good night’ sleep to be consistent. Here are 5 steps by which you too can become a morning person:

1. Set the Stage

It is important to get a good night sleep to wake up early next morning. There’s no point waking up groggy therefore set the stage in the previous night by setting a night routine. Have dinner at a fixed time every night, keep blue-lights (gadgets) out of your bedroom, take a warm shower, tune in to good light music, read a book yourself or to your kids and lastly before sleeping just pen down what you next day goals are.

2. Do Not Delve into Long-Term Goals

Your long-term goals can keep you awake the whole night. The moment your brain starts delving on future castles, pen them down and ask your brain to shut down and sleep.

3. Time to Wake-up

Do not hit the snooze button when the morning alarm rings. It takes discipline to wake up early every morning and let your brain create synapses of this routine.

4. Turn on the Music

If pushing yourself out of a cozy blanket seems too difficult, turn on the music the moment you wake up. Music is known to awaken senses and will make you shake a leg and push you out of the bed instantly.

5. Stay Away from Social Mdistractorng>

Social Media is identified as the biggest time-consumer, waster and a distractor. Do not push the internet button on at 5 AM. You’ll end up ruining your morning routine.

First Published: December 21, 2017, 1:48 PM IST


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