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5 Telltale Signs You Need to Visit a Nutritionist

You must see a certified nutritionist if you see following signs in your body.

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: February 1, 2018, 5:16 PM IST
5 Telltale Signs You Need to Visit a Nutritionist Representative Image
Visiting a nutritionist religiously, like you visit your dentist, has a long way to go in India. We read innumerable wellness articles in blogzines and magazines, tweak our diets, and strive hard to achieve our fitness goals. It is good to care about your nutrition and being your own nutritionist doesn’t harm; however, here are a few signs that tell you must see a certified nutritionist and plan your diet according to your body type and specific needs:

1. Irregular Bowels

While irregular bowels once in a while is a normal phenomenon given over-indulgence in food or any mild food allergy, but if you are either being constipated or pass loose stools since time unknown, then it’s a sign of something wrong with your digestive system. You must pay a humble visit to a good nutritionist who can analyze your daily food habits and figure out what you must add or subtract to build a strong digestive system.

2. Food/Dairy Allergy

A glass of milk or a cup of ice cream means a bout of bloating, or an immediate visit to the loo, if that’s You, then just cutting down on dairy won’t help. Ask a nutritionist how you can make-up for the nutrients that you’ll miss out by not consuming dairy products. Same goes with food allergies, before cutting out a complete food family, ensure whether you really need to do that and if yes, what’s the backup plan.

3. Heartburn

If you experience heartburn or acid reflux and it’s beyond comprehension to figure out what’s causing it, then a nutritionist can help immensely by analyzing your food intake as well as lifestyle. Constant acid reflux can be a symptom of larger issues, therefore your nutritionist can identify if you need to see a gastroenterologist or a doctor to come to your aid.

4. Weight Loss Seems Impossible

If you’ve tried being watchful of your diet, you are religiously following clean eating, are regular at the gym, catching enough sleep but still weight loss seems like a distant dream, then your nutritionist is your savior and can recommend you dietary changes as per your body type. S/he can set your expectations right as well as give you a timeframe till when you can see substantial changes in your size & circumference.

5. Food Weighs Your Mind

Last but not the least, if food is what weighs your mind all the time; then rather than restricting yourself to suppress hunger, you must meet a nutritionist and let him/her figure out what’s making those hunger pangs preoccupy your mind.
First Published: February 1, 2018, 5:16 PM IST


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