5 Ways to Control Ruddy Skin this Summer

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Get a flushed moisturised skin this summer!

Skin redness or ruddy skin is a common problem for many women in hot weather. The flushed skin is mainly a symptom of inflammation while lack of sleep and stress (mental as well as environmental) could also contribute towards skin redness. Although, we must ensure adequate sleep during night and manage stress to deal with skin woes, it’s diet that plays a larger role as your skin is hugely a description of what you eat and how it impacts your internal system.

Inflammatory foods, dehydration and food allergies can pave the way to redness and rashes; and as summer is here, much before the time this year, you must start caring for your skin to keep redness at bay and flaunt a calmer complexion. Let’s take a look how:

1. Nuts and seeds are packed with healthy fats, selenium and several other minerals that have anti-inflammatory properties. Include pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, etc in your diet.

2. Cucumbers, squashes, zucchini, bottle gourd, and other alkaline veggies have cooling effects and these are loaded with fiber, fluid and nutrients. Aim at consuming a bowl or two of alkaline veggies each day.

3. Fruits like pineapple, kiwi, papaya, etc are rich in enzymes and antioxidants that help reduce skin-redness. Similarly, vegetables like beetroots & dark leafy greens, legumes, lemons, etc are packed with nutrients that make a strong immune system; while ginger, garlic, onions and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties. Try different veggies and fruits to keep your diet balanced.

4. Whole grains like oats, quinoa, millet, brown rice contain essential amino acids that aid healthy connective tissues thereby reducing broken capillaries that appear ruddy on your skin.

5. Lastly, a ruddy skin can be well related to chronic liver inflammation. Besides sticking to plant based diet, you must avoid alcohol and excess coffee. Instead, gorge on herbal teas, beetroot juice, organic vegetable juices, and H2O to keep yourself hydrated and detoxify your liver. Also banish, refined sugar & flour as they impact pancreas and lead to inflammation.

  • First Published: March 20, 2018, 10:07 IST
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