6 Easy Tricks To Boost Your Metabolism

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Move to a more healthy life.

Strong metabolism is a great way to boost your energy levels and burn the accumulated fat. And, boosting your metabolism is not a big rock to break. Here are 6 easy tricks to kick your metabolism and move to a more healthy life.

1. Proper Diet

People who want to lose weight generally cut down on their daily diet, which is not the right way to losing weight. It can even be more harmful as yo a can suffer from a shortage of nutrients in your body. Taking a balanced diet and sticking to the same time for every meal, improves metabolism. Thereby eat well and eat clean to boost your metabolism with each meal.

2. Good Intake of Water

Healthy intake of water boosts your metabolism rate besides keeping you full and fresh. If you drink 1.5 litres water a day you can get rid of 17400 calories in a year’s time, which is like reducing around 2.5Kg weight without doing anything extra.

3. An Apple A Day

An apple a day will keep the doctor away, as it is a nutrient-dense source of fibre, known to curb metabolic syndrome – which is responsible for health disorders like abdominal fat, diabetes, cardiovascular disorder. The special properties of apple directly work on deep belly fat often called the adipose tissue.

4. Shifting to Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins, a type of antioxidant which makes fat cells release fat and speed up the liver to turn fat into energy. By turning to green tea you will definitely loose more weight with an increased metabolic function.

5. Consume Milk

Studies have shown that drinking full-fat milk which is a very good source of natural calcium will make your body excrete fat rather than letting it around our body.

6. Avoid Mid-day Slumber

Sleeping during the day can disturb your body’s rhythm and can slow down your metabolism which makes you gain weight. Instead of sleeping, you should go for other activities and keep the snooze time after the sundown; in case you don’t have any other choice then cut short your calorie intake during the day and eat food at least 2 hours before napping.

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