7 Simple Steps to Live a Life Full of Self-Love

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Appreciate life and things around you.

In the journey called life, we often thank others and love them more than we pay gratitude to self or live a life full of self-love. The benefits of loving others and being thankful to them are aplenty, however, the repercussions of not pampering yourself and thinking about yourself are no less. Though words like self-love may sound selfish however self-love is not about keeping your interests first, it is about being happy with yourself and appreciate life and things around you, and change arrangements if they negatively impact your wellbeing.

Here are seven simple steps to live a life of self-love:

1. Slow your Pace

The first step towards looking after your own wellbeing is to slow down. In the hustle-bustle of life, we spend day on day living even in situations we are not happy about. Slow down to figure out if you are happy with the way life is treating you. And reflect, what you really wish for.

2. Meditate

The idea of meditation is to pause yourself, disconnect from the outer world and connect with your inner being. Doing mindful breathing during meditation helps the brain to center thought-flow and organize your feelings.

3. Self-Introspect

You can never heal till the time you don’t diagnose your issues. Take time out for self-introspection, figure out what hurts and what makes you happy. And you’ll find the secret to a happy life in front of you; lessen the situations & people who cause misery and engage with situations & people who fill your life with love and gratitude.

4. Do What Makes You Happy

Be it taking your pet out for a walk, playing with your kids outdoors or reading a good book, going for a long drive, or to a dance class, pampering yourself in the parlor or treating on cheat day, the list is endless, and the benefits infinite.

5. Raise Your Hand

Raise your hand to ask for help wherever you need. Taking all burdens on to yourself will just ruin your happiness in the long run. If your home needs to be organized, let everyone pitch in and tidy-up their spaces, let everyone fold their clothes or organize their cabinets, ask your spouse to take care of two subjects for your ward while you look into rest two. It’s absolutely Ok to be Not Ok with others treating you as a DIY.

6. Gratitude

Practice gratitude in your life and ensure you feel grateful for the good things you have in your life. It could be a great spouse, loving kids, supportive parents, a small house, a decent car, a good career or financial stability. An absence of something should never let it take a toll on your life, the presence of good things must weigh down miseries.

7. Say ‘I Love You’

Lastly, you may laugh at this, however, just say these three Powerful words in front of the mirror and you’ll see the rush of endorphins much more than when you heard it from the first time from the opposite sex. Loving yourself is as important as loving others. You cannot expect flowers from a barren land. Nurture yourself and spread the cheer!

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