Avert Sugar Before it Stalls Your Health

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Here's how you can avert sugar intake.

Nutritionists and Fitness Experts around the globe scare their clients from the Sugar Bomb. However, it is not a hoax, the sugar bomb is disastrous for your skin’s ageing process, your blood sugar levels, your weight loss goals, your brain health and the list can just go on. The problem with sugars is that the more you eat sweet and sugary foods, the more you crave them.

The solution lies in nipping the bud and restrict your sugar intake to just 2 teaspoons/day in your cup tea/coffee/milk. However, given the holidays, family events and festivals for which you receive multiple invites every month, how can you avert sugar intake or worse, sugar addiction? Here’s what experts suggest:

1. Stop Being Hungry

This is one healthy weight loss mantra that aids the goal immensely. Keep yourself full by eating protein-rich food every 3-4 hours. This way, you will automatically consume a restricted portion of unhealthy yet tempting fall foods.

2. Eat Before the Party

If you are serious about your health goals, then you must aim at eating a bowl of salad, sprouts or dal at home before walking in the party. Same goes for the days when you are out for shopping. This way, you can have what you want and it won’t wreak havoc on your system if it is already full rather than empty.

3. Say No to Insanely Sugary Items

You should say a point-blank *NO* to insanely sugary items like candies, sodas, refined carbs and opt for less-sugary healthy or maybe not-so-healthy options on the menu.

4. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated with H2O keeps sugar/food cravings at bay. Most of the times, we feel hungry not because of hunger but due to dehydration.

5. Forgive & Get Back

And lastly, if you’ve broken some rules of your diet, then there’s no point dwelling on it further. Rather, get back to your health diet asap and do some repair to your system by drinking hot herbal teas, observing Keto for a day or two, going on a veggie diet for some days.

  • First Published: December 2, 2017, 13:45 IST
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