Brain Health Hacks straight from a Doctor!

Representative Image: © goa_novi / Istock.com

Representative Image: © goa_novi / Istock.com

Here’s a look at top brain hacks!

Dr. Jennifer Jones, Clinical Psychologist, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute was hit by a tonic-clonic seizure (during which you fall on the ground, with rolled eyes and a trembling body) for the first time at age 5. Her first EEG was conducted at age 11 that invoked her interest in neuroscience and made her curious to find ways of controlling the brain without much medical intervention. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Jones has developed certain daily habits that have proven to improve neurobiological growth and helped her reduce the tonic-clonic seizures count to just 2.

Here’s a look at top brain hacks aka daily habits that Dr. Jones suggests for individuals to upkeep their brain health:

1. Rising with the Sun

This is one habit that aids your Circadium Rhythm which is impacted by a cluster of nerve cells called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. When you wake up with the sun, your body acts in the most natural way and carries out all bodily functions effectively. An abnormal circadium rhythm is responsible for various lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, sleep disorders, hormone dysregulation, depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

2. A Good Night’s Sleep

Dr. Jones recommends 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep so that your brain can process the stress and trauma that unconsciously accumulates during the day. Sufficient sleep also boosts immunity, aids metabolism and gut health (where dopamine and serotonin are also produced).

3. Mindfulness & Meditation

As per Dr. Jones meditation has innumerable neurological benefits. No wonder the most successful people in the world swear by meditating first thing in the morning. Also, you must train your mind to be mindful at all times and do away with mindless subconscious chatter to reduce worrying.

4. Fish Oil

Dr. Jones recommends Fish Oil either in cod liver oil or capsule form, to be taken every day. Fish oil is rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids and fuel our brain health.

5. Get out of Comfort Zone

Lastly, Dr. Jones recommends to challenge yourself. When you move out of comfort zone, trying new things, taking small risks, exploring new horizons, your brain forms neural pathways that rejuvenate the brain function.

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