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Don’t Ignore These Symptoms And Call Your Doctor

You must contact your doctor without delaying any further.

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: October 30, 2017, 9:27 AM IST
Don’t Ignore These Symptoms And Call Your Doctor Picture for Representation. (Photo: AFP)
While some of us run to the doctor at the slightest sign of not being well, there are others who resort to home remedies. Any fever, cold, cough, vomiting or loose motions is a basic sign of our body fighting the infection within. Our immune system is our defense mechanism and it keeps us safe. Infections take up to 5-7 days to leave the body depending on how strong is our immune system. While we should try home remedies in the beginning, but in case if there is no improvement in the condition, you must contact your doctor without delaying any further.

Listed below are common scenarios or ailments where we use home remedies for self-healing and the triggers where you must know to draw the line and seek medical help.

1. Fever
If your fever has been constantly above 100, and in spite of taking an over the counter medicine, there is no change in the temperature, after 24 hours, meet your doctor.

2. Headache
A constant headache may be a sign of an eye weakness and if a painkiller does not help alleviate the pain, you must get an eye-check up done.

3. Skin Rashes
Skin Rashes must not be ignored. If your rashes seem to spread across the body, or there’s an increase in itching or redness, you must rush to your dermatologist immediately.

4. Sore Throat
Sore throat may happen due to cold, cough or even fever. Sometimes, an infection in your ear may also cause a sore throat. Gargling with luke-warm water mixed with one pinch salt usually helps in healing but if it goes beyond 24 hours, do meet your medical practitioner.

5. Stomach Pain
Severe pain in your stomach, especially on the right side may indicate a troubled appendix. Also if it is coupled with vomiting, do not delay consulting your physician.

6. Falling Down
Children while playing fall down many times. A fall from the bed, stairs, swings or running may turn out to be severe. Take care of the following and call your practitioner if you see the following:
a. Rolled eyes
b. Severe vomiting
c. Bleeding from nose or ears
d. Unconsciousness
First Published: October 30, 2017, 9:23 AM IST


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