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Don’t let Pill-Withdrawal Wreak Havoc on your Skin

Ways in which you can plan going off the pill.

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: March 7, 2018, 10:36 AM IST
Don’t let Pill-Withdrawal Wreak Havoc on your Skin Representative Image
Going on-the-pill has many benefits including wonderful skin however once you plan to bid adieu to this popular birth-control & hormone-balancing tool, the first thing that scares you is the impact it’ll have on your face. Post pill-withdrawal breakouts look worse as you’ve been used to that flawless skin. But there are ways in which you can plan going off the pill and avoid post-pill acne. Let’s take a look how:

1. Plan in Advance

You must start following good skin rituals at least a month before you plan to drop the pill. This way you can manage things well when they are already in good shape.

2. Vouch on Zinc

Zinc holds the magic wand for good skin. It controls keratin and aids clear pores, kills bacteria to avoid breakouts, reduces inflammation to control ruddy skin, and bounds male hormones to give you a flawless skin. You can either add a zinc supplement or start eating zinc-rich nuts & seeds to build a strong army against acne and skin issues.

3. Drop Sugar

Sugar is the worst food for good skin. Limit the teaspoons you put in your cup of tea/coffee/lemonade. Also, drop flavored yogurts, fruit juices, sodas, sweet beverages, candies, etc completely as these foods spike insulin levels that interfere with sebum, keratin & inflammation of your skin.

4. Limit Dairy Intake

To avoid breakouts post-pill, you must limit your dairy intake temporarily. Once you are off the pill for good six months and your skin is back to its clear self you can switch back to dairy.

5. Nurture your Gut

Lastly, your skin health largely depends on your gut health. Eat Prebiotic & Probiotic foods to nurture your microbiome. Include Prebiotic and fiber-rich foods like garlic, onions, bananas, artichoke, asparagus, barley, oats, apples, cocoa, flax seeds, wheat bran, beetroot, pumpkin etc in your daily diet, along with probiotic foods like soy milk, kefir, miso soup, dark chocolate, tempeh, olives, pickled amla, etc. These foods nurture good bacteria and wipe away toxins and excess hormones from your body. Also, splash apple-cider vinegar or lemon on your salads, to further fortify digestion and let your skin bask in pink of health.
First Published: March 7, 2018, 10:36 AM IST


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