Drop these 6 Foods to Claim Your Heart Health

 (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Tharakorn/ Istock.com)

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Tharakorn/ Istock.com)

Top 6 Common Foods that you must drop in order to claim your heart health

Heart diseases do not happen overnight. Choked and plagued arteries are built over a period of time due to poor food habits. While most of us know that soda, candies, refined flour, potato chips, white rice, diet soda, pizza, French fries, burgers, etc are sin foods, there are certain foods in our daily diet that lead to health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, etc, which happen to be the leading causes of CVD aka Cardio-Vascular Diseases. So, here’s a list of Top 6 Common Foods that you must drop in order to claim your heart health whether you are aging or not.

1. Restaurant Soups

You may think that having a bowl of hot soup before your anniversary dinner is a good idea; however, most of the restaurant soups are laden with sodium to the extent of 9,590 milligrams in one bowl of Hot n Sour soup.

2. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken quickly absorbs a great deal of unhealthy and overheated oil from the deep fryer changing its nutritional quotient and making it a sin food for your heart. Also, avoid bacon and sausages as these are loaded with sodium.

3. Pasta Sauce

Tomato sauce and pasta sauce are some of the biggest hoarders of sodium. A half cup of ordinary tomato sauce contains 830 milligrams of sodium and zoom it goes into your regular pasta or bowl of noodles. Similarly, ketchups contain 200 milligrams salt per tablespoon.

4. Biscuits

The fluffy biscuits and cookies contain hydrogenated oil and even a single piece may contain a whopping 3 grams of trans fat that is way beyond what’s recommended for a healthy heart. Same goes for your cinnamon rolls, frozen pies and so on.

5. Processed Cheese

Processed cheese and cheese slices contain high amounts of sodium and saturated fat. Do not include them in your sandwiches or just limit their use.

6. Ice Cream

Most of the popular Ice Cream brands contain Saturated fat, trans fat as well as cholesterol, which are harmful for your heart. However, no single food can put your heart health in danger. Portion control and frequency are the keys to enjoy your favorite Ice Cream, once in a while.

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