Glass Skin: Decoding this Korean Beauty Secret!

(Representative image/Reuters)

(Representative image/Reuters)

Get shiny and luminous skin like a shard of glass.

‘Glass Skin’ is the ‘it’ thing for those who crave and care for a great skin. The term Glass Skin is a metaphor that refers to translucent, supple, dewy, blemish-free and luminous skin that is made popular by Korean beauties. Though the first impressions are that it is next to impossible to achieve Glass Skin in India, however, many skin-experts claim otherwise and suggest that with regular skin-care it is very much possible to get Glass Skin.

Let us decode the Korean Beauty Secret to get Glass Skin in 7 steps:

Step 1 – Remove make-up or in Indian context say wipe-off pollution/grime from your skin with baby oil or a hydrating makeup remover

Step 2 – Wash your face with a good facial cleanser

Step 3 – Use a good toner to take the first step towards hydrating your skin after the double cleanse you’ve done in the first two steps

Step 4 – Use a good moisturizer that is rich in Vitamin E or Vitamin C and let it work the entire night

Step 5 – In between, every alternate day you must exfoliate your skin with a gentle face scrub

Step 6 – Use a hydrating sheet-mask twice a week for enhanced absorption of a good hydrating serum

Step 7 – Apart from the above night-care regime for Glass Skin, you must follow through with skin-care rituals every morning by washing your face with a soap-free cleanser, followed by a moisturizer and then with a sunscreen with good SPF before heading out.

As per beauty experts, the above 7 steps if done religiously every night & morning, for at least 6 months can evidently transform your skin. Also, top dermatologists recommend uninterrupted sleep of at least 6-8 hours every night. Diet and hydration too play a crucial role and must be taken care of for overall wellbeing that reflects on your skin.

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