How Penning Down the High Point Impacts Your Commitment to Fitness?

( Representative Image: Reuters)

( Representative Image: Reuters)

For those who wish to stay committed to their fitness levels.

Women and men, these days are health aware however it takes commitment to squeeze in workouts in busy schedules. Catching the cab and reaching home early, thereby ditching the gym at the end of the day has its own perks, however definitely not for your fitness.

As per fitness experts, for those who wish to stay committed to their fitness levels and workout regimes, one activity at the end of each workout can make a big difference and that’s the ‘power of words’! Experts recommend fitness enthusiasts to pen down the high point of their workout every single day.

Sparing time for gym or jog around your neighborhood may spoof your brain into believing that it is a time-drainer. However, when you constantly write about the impact it has on your body or brain, each day, you are setting the right expectations and building pathways that promote and appreciate your commitment to staying fit and living life to the fullest!

If you are not a fan of carrying a spiral, then technology is at your behest, and you can just type in a message or share status on social media and throw up a 30-day challenge for your friends too. People who’ve done this activity share how it kept them motivated, helped them stick to their health routines and made them accomplish their fitness goals.

Nobody can deny how exercising, jogging, running or any sort of physical activity impacts the brain positively, uplifting our mood, pushing the blood to reach every nook and cranny of our body, letting endorphins stream through our brain and making us feel on Cloud9!

The point is to ‘catch the moment’ and ‘record it’ to let it remind what you would be missing by missing your workout!

  • First Published: February 9, 2018, 15:08 IST
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