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Hydration: The Aphorism of Korean Beauty Trends

Your doorway to glass skin!

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: July 16, 2018, 11:25 AM IST
Hydration: The Aphorism of Korean Beauty Trends (Photo: Getty/ Representative Image)
Korean beauty regimes have been trending and everyone wants to get their hands on the Korean beauty secrets while some involve gross ingredients such as snail slime and even harmful stuff like parabens, the aphorism of Korean beauty has been ‘Hydration’. The essence of Korean beauty regimes sum up that the best and the healthiest skin is hydrated skin which is easily attainable through organic and natural ingredients.

Starting with a trend introduced by Korean beauty expert, Ellie Choi with her flawless and seemingly poreless skin is ‘Glass skin’. Glass skin is called so owing to the mirror like transparent and clear look it lends to the skin which is devoid of any hyperpigmentation, tanning, UV damage, spots, pimples, etc. The transparency and glass-like beauty is achieved by reducing the size of your pores considerably by the use of products and adhering to a strict beauty regime so as to make them almost invisible to the naked eye.

The second K-beauty trend which has gained popularity in recent times is ‘Honey skin’. Honey skin is more or less similar to glass skin, however, the peculiar quality of honey skin is the hydrated, nourished and dewy look of the skin. Honey skin is not a product or a skin treatment using honey rather it is a skin quality which relates to the skin being well nourished and hydrated like a toddler’s.

‘Dewy-dumpling skin’ is another trending look of the Korean beauty regime. The 3 strong giveaways of recognizing dewy dumpling skin are hydrated, smooth and supple skin with prominent use of minimal makeup preferably just the highlighter, but with precision. The dewy dumpling skin is one trend which can be attained despite age or wrinkles on your skin, however, the prerequisite for the same is hydrated, well-nourished skin.

While the three trends may sound similar but there is a huge difference between the three; however, one similarity that the three share is hydrated, well nourished and smooth skin.
In addition, Korean beauty is all about inclusivity and despite what the names suggest Korean beauty trends are not just for the fair complexioned rather include any and all complexions, the only ideals that these trends follow are stay hydrated and well nourish your skin.
First Published: July 16, 2018, 11:25 AM IST


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