Jogging: The Best Way to Burn Calories for Busy Bees

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ klohka/ shutterstock.com)

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ klohka/ shutterstock.com)

Tone your body and get your mood brimming with happiness!

So you’ve partnered with your little girl or your spouse or the next door fitness freak for a morning jog. You can see your glutes toning up day by day, your energy levels and body strength improving, besides your mood brimming with happiness. Let us cite three more reasons how jogging benefits your body:

1. Cardio

Jogging is a wonderful aerobic exercise that increases your heart and breathing rate to gasp more oxygen in the lungs and provide it to the largest muscles of your body. It improves your cardiovascular health and fills every nook and cranny of your body with fresh air.

2. Calories

Jogging is an excellent exercise for those looking to lose weight faster. As per experts, a 10 minute jogging session can burn anywhere from 120 to 180 calories. Sneak in 15 minutes morning and evening jogging time to balance your blood sugar levels while burning around 400 calories each day.

3. Detox

Jogging rids your body of the piled up toxins via sweat. It is a holistic way to detoxify your body and let the sweat glands work in your favor.

Before jogging, you must do a mild warm-up or stretch your body to avoid any muscle injury. Also, wear comfortable shoes that have a cushioned sole. Lastly, move your arms in tandem with your legs to get a full body movement that helps not just your gluteal or leg muscles but also tones your shoulders and arms along.

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