Salon-Style Nails Might Be Risking Your Nail-Health

(Photo: Representative Image/ Reuters)

(Photo: Representative Image/ Reuters)

Possible risks that your nails are vulnerable to.

Nail Salons are a rage with teenagers and women alike. However, those relaxed manicures and glamorous-glued nails might be posing risk to your nail health. The impact is brittle, discoloured or fungus-infected nails. Here are five possible risks that your nails are vulnerable to, if you make rounds to your nail spa too often.

1. Fungal Infections

Vulnerability to bacterial and fungal infections in nails during manicures and pedicures is quite high; the first and foremost reason being hygiene parameters not followed by the salons. It is crucial to soak and sterilize the tools that are used on more than one person and the risk is relatively very high as once your nails are infected with fungus, it’s next to impossible to shoo it away.

2. All Kinds of Customers

Another issue with the spas and salons is their client base. You would hardly find a salon where they turn down service request for customers who have fungus-infected toes, worst, little they inquire or know about any health issues like diabetes, cancer, or HIV.

The solution to the above two problems lies in investing in your own manicure/pedicure tool-set. You’ll steer clear of infections due to multi-person-used tools in your spa. Also, things like pumice stones, nail buffers, emery boards and foam toe-separators are generally not sterilized.

3. Quality Issues

The material used in nail-spas could not be verified to be of great quality. You never know if the nail paints were diluted with a thinner or material swapped in fancy creams & lotions bottles. To be on a safer side, at least carry your own bottle of high-quality nail paint/primer and keep problems like discolouration at bay.

4. Callus, Cuticles & Cuts

You feel lucky when coming out clean from any cuts or snips after a manicure or pedicure. However, rather than leaving it to your luck or your beauty expert, it’s better to alert your manicurist to pay extra attention while working up on callus and cuticles.

5. Cons of Nail Art

Although Nail Art has become widely popular, but the glue used to bond acrylic nails contains formaldehyde¬¬ ¬¬¬– a carcinogenic product. And if you are going for gel manicures, then you are just photoaging your hands with four times higher UV rays as compared to sunlight. Beware and restrict nail art to special occasions only.

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