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Suffering from Backache? These are the Methods That Really Work

Get relief from an achy back that hits at the wrong time.

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: November 30, 2017, 2:12 PM IST
Suffering from Backache? These are the Methods That Really Work Representative Image: (Photo Illustration by: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images)
Backache is a common issue with working women which is more than often neglected. The reasons of a backache could vary from continuous use of high heels, calcium deficiency, low bone density, poor posture, lack of sleep, stress, etc. Let us take you through 7 habits that can provide you relief from an achy back that at times hits at the wrong time.

1. Stretch

Inactivity for long like extended sitting hours, too much standing or lying down in a bad pose can cause strain in your spine, paving way for a backache. Consider simple stretches every hour to pump up blood circulation and let it soothe strains, if any, before they turn into permanent hurting zones.

2. It’s all about Balance

Carrying heavy weight on one side for long causes imbalance and hence backache. If you have no choice but to lift something heavy, use both the hands or shoulders to put the equal burden on your back.

3. Avoid Heavy Weight

It is better to avoid lifting anything heavy if you are already suffering from a backache. Generally too, as you age, you must lift less burden, aim for carrying a cart at the grocery store, getting a stroller for traveling, not lift heavy buckets or kids, etc.

4. Settle for 1-inch Heels

1-inch heels are considered ok for your back, and anything more than that is a sure invite to a backache. However, when you cannot avoid high heels, ensure to carry a pair of flats for wearing in between.

5. Don’t Slump

Your posture plays a significant role in alleviating backache. While standing, you must keep your shoulders straightened avoiding any slouching or bending on one side. While sitting too, you must sit straight on an ergonomical chair and avoid slumping in your desk.

6. Calcium & Vitamin D

Make sure you are getting enough Calcium in your diet supplemented with Vitamin-D to fully utilize it. Include milk, curd, green leafy veggies for calcium and fatty fish, egg and cheese for apt vitamin-D intake.

7. Strengthen your Core

Last but not the least, working on your core immensely helps to deal with a backache. Strengthen your abdominal muscles to strengthen your spine. You’ll not only look fabulous but will stay fit too!
First Published: November 30, 2017, 2:12 PM IST


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