Top 5 Proven Tips Protect Your Coloured Hair!

(Representative Image: Official Instagram account of Gigi Hadid)

(Representative Image: Official Instagram account of Gigi Hadid)

This will help your colour last longer and help maintain health in your coloured hair.

Hair colouring is a famous trend amongst women of all ages, it could be due to increasing grays as you age or out of your love for fashion. However, whatever your reason for hair colouring is, there are ways you can enhance the health and life of your coloured hair. Also, you must start taking care of your hair at least a month or two in advance by regular oiling and using hair masks, to build up healthy hair shafts and avoid cracking. Here’s a list of 5 proven tips that women can follow to give the best care to their coloured mane.

1. The Perfect Dye

The time you start colouring hair, it is imperative to choose a quality hair colour product to avoid any sort of damage to your hair. Your smart selection of a right bleach and dye will make a huge difference in preventing hair damage due to hair colouring.

2. Do Not Shampoo Your Hair Often

Do not rush to shampoo your hair immediately after you colour them. You must give your hair colour at least 2 days time to settle properly and once the colour settles, you can shampoo. This way you can avoid colour bleeding too.

3. Trim Damaged Hair

Trimming damaged hair is always a good idea whenever you have taken any kind of hair treatment. So, once your hair colouring is done, you should trim the ends off which will help to prevent the chemical damage from spreading.

4. Use Cool Water

Rinsing hair using hot water may perhaps sound soothing, but it is actually harmful to your hair. When you use hot water for hair rinsing, it rinses the outer layer cuticles of the hair shaft which encourages frizzy hair and moisture loss. This way, hair become more susceptible to getting damaged.

5. Go Easy on Heating

It is a known fact that the use of heat for hair styling comes with immense hair damage. Therefore, avoid using hot styling tools to prevent hair damage. Use manual curlers than curling iron.

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