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Tweak Your Pre-BedTime to Lose Weight

Pre-bedtime regime to help you achieve your fitness goals.

| Contributor Content| UPDATED: September 10, 2017, 11:40 AM IST
Tweak Your Pre-BedTime to Lose Weight (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ martinedoucet/ Istock.com)
A healthy weight loss regime is imperative not just for good looks but for a healthier you. Watching your diet and putting yourself on a restrictive diet plan alone doesn’t work. Tight schedules, deadlines at work, kids’ education, weekend shopping and daily commuting, all leave little to no time for hitting the gym or following an exercise routine. However, we must strive to fit in 30 minutes of walk, exercise or yoga in our daily schedule.

Apart from Exercise and Diet, Healthy weight loss is also connected to sound sleep and as per several types of research if you don’t sleep well then your weight loss efforts are diluted by almost 55%. How? Well there are two hormones that are generated when you sleep - leptin and ghrelin. While leptin helps regulate energy levels and keep appetite levels under control, ghrelin stimulates hunger! And when you get a satiating deep sleep; your leptin levels spike while ghrelin levels take a backseat. So what can you do for a sound sleep? Here we tell you 6 minor tweaks to your pre-bedtime that can help you achieve your snooze goals, food goals and fetch a bit of physical movement too:

1. Take a Shower

It might feel like a not so important task as you are already too tired when you reach home. However, this one thing can wipe off tension from your body, brain, and soul. Just surrender yourself under the shower, close your eyes and let those droplets do the talking. With time, you’ll realize how bathing at night helps you relax your body and prepare it for a good night’s sleep.

2. Tryptophan Rich Foods

Foods rich in tryptophan induce deep sleep. So consider eating oats, red meat, cottage cheese, beans, lentils or eggs for dinner and you would be lesser an insomniac. With time, your body would get used to sleeping deep, thereby improving the quality of your sleep. Apart from inducing deep sleep, tryptophan also helps reduce a headache and stabilizes mood.

3. Disciplined Eating

Sticking to specific hours before and after bedtime can help you lose more weight. This is helped by Ketosis – a process when our body burns stored fats in absence of fed glucose for energy. It is better to guide your body to a habit of not eating between a certain period of time. For example, to start with, you can go for at least an 11-hour kitchen shut down when you do not allow yourself to eat from 9 PM until 8 AM Next Day. Making this little tweak to your bedtime will make your body burn stored fats faster than otherwise while you sleep.

4. Go Out

Go out in an open space, even if you are living in a metro, you would have a small park or green area in your society or neighborhood. Head out with your pet or partner and you’ll get yourself good 30 minutes of physical movement in the form of a walk. It’s good not just for weight loss but for some family bonding too, which will in turn also relax your mind.

5. Pen-Down Things For Next Day

The best way to relax your brain is to affirm that everything is going to be under control the next day. You just cannot get a good sleep when your mind is trying to find solutions for the events in line. Spare 10-15 minutes before sleep to pen down and plan for the next day.

6. Strike a Pose the Same Time Every Night

Last but not the least, it is important to set a sleep time and stick to it. You’ll gradually see that your body clock will start responding to that particular time. Even if you don’t feel like sleeping at the set time initially, strike a pose and try to sleep. If there’s a morning alarm you’ve set, you can set a sleep alarm too!
First Published: September 10, 2017, 11:40 AM IST


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