Why You Must Consider Becoming an Early Riser?

 (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ martinedoucet/ Istock.com)

(Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ martinedoucet/ Istock.com)

Becoming a morning person isn't that bad!

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Waking up early is highly endorsed by health experts and life coaches around the globe. One thing that’s common in 90% successful people is that they rise early. At the time when the rest of the world is sleeping – they jot down what they are going to achieve and deliver through this day. At the time when the rest are in their dreams - that’s the time when they plan for their long-term goals. According to science, your mind is fresh after several hours of continuous sleep. That’s why our brain is in the most potent condition to ideate some great plans that can change your future or put you on a fast-forward track.

Waking up early has its own benefits; first, you can find time to exercise, which is otherwise difficult if you wake up around 6 am and aim to reach office by 9 am. Stretching/exercising early morning is much more effective when your body is relaxed and muscles repaired as compared to evening workouts when your body has already gone through a lot, all day.

Second, you get time to plan your day with minimal interruption and that sets the pace for the rest of the day.

Third, you get time to prepare a healthy breakfast that can put your diet goals in place and lend you the energy you’d require all day. Late risers either end up preparing an instant breakfast that doesn’t guarantee nutrition or ends up skipping it altogether.

Fourth, you save yourself from the morning chaos. You take the metro or drive past the roads when they are not as jam-packed as at peak hours.

Fifth, you reach office in time, start your day with solace and turn out to be the most productive person on the floor as you’ve already planned your day and you know what to do, where to start.

Sixth, several studies have shown that morning people are more positive and satisfied as compared to night owls.

Seventh, it’s easy for an early riser to fall asleep in time at night thereby steering you clear from unwanted social media surfing and binge-watching till late night.

Happy Mornings!

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