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3 Ways You are setting Ablaze your LinkedIn Profile

Ways you may be harming your account!

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: May 2, 2018, 2:54 PM IST
3 Ways You are setting Ablaze your LinkedIn Profile (Photo: Reuters/Kwiyeon Ha)
LinkedIn has become the Facebook of our professional lives and circles, or the Naukri.com for job seekers. Hiring managers may not check your Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media profiles; however, your LinkedIn profile will definitely go through a thorough scrutiny. And the probability is that your prospective employer may just connect with you before pitching in the job offer. While a well maintained, aptly active and engaging LinkedIn profile is a must, here are 3 ways you may be harming your account in sheer ignorance:

1. Privacy Settings

Your LinkedIn privacy settings are crucial especially when you are making a few changes in your profile. Ensure that before you edit your profile and hit the Save button, the ‘Share with network’ option is not enabled, unless you really want to spread the news. Similarly, when checking out other’s profiles, you must manage your ‘Profile Viewing Options’, unless you want them to know.

2. Profile Photo

Your LinkedIn profile picture is imperative to your networking on this platform. Choose a recent picture that is related to work. A close up from a recent QBR, Training, Ted Talk, Conference or from your Cubicle gives a sneak peek into your everyday worklife; while putting an old and obsolete photo, scanned image of your passport size pic, or a casual photograph doesn’t leave a good impression. A blank profile pic is boo-boo too.

3. Flirting

Although you must not mistake LinkedIn for a dating site; flirting or sending dating requests from your ‘corporate’ LinkedIn profile is a recipe of disaster. Please keep your professional circle clean and work-related only. Cases of women (well sometimes men too) sharing screen shots of such messages is quite frequent on this professional networking platform and you never know if someone may just file an FIR.

First Published: May 2, 2018, 2:54 PM IST


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