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4 Steps to Turn Workplace Stress to Workplace Success

Save time by delegating some work.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: November 30, 2017, 4:13 PM IST
4 Steps to Turn Workplace Stress to Workplace Success Representative Image: Getty Images
Stress is often frowned upon, complained by most of us. However, successful people take stress as a trigger to boost their productivity rather than getting overwhelmed by it. A person who is always relaxed dwells in a comfort zone. It is natural to feel anxious or stressful when you move out of your cocoon and do things that are challenging. And this is when you meet new levels of personal and professional success. Here are 4 Steps through which you can turn your workplace stress into workplace success:

1. Prioritize Your Tasks

Bucketize your current tasks in hand in three categories viz Urgent, Urgent & Important, Important but not Urgent. Start with Urgent & Important task(s), one at a time. Move on with Urgent followed by Important.

2. Stickies / Reminders / Do Not Disturb Mode

Put sticky notes and enlist your tasks in the order of priority. Strike them off as soon as you complete them, one by one. Use reminders for any important timelines or meetings. Put a Do Not Disturb mode to keep detractors away!

3. Seek Help

Do not shy away from seeking help from colleagues or your boss. See who can help you in a tricky situation and how. Do crucial things yourself to keep your sanity and save time by delegating some work.

4. Self-Discipline

When stressed, do not get caught into the vicious circle of binge eating or scrolling mindlessly through Social Media. It will just weigh down your stress levels further than organizing things. Discipline yourself and do not let your stress trick you into this waste of time and energy!
First Published: November 30, 2017, 4:13 PM IST


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