4 Ways to Meet Deadlines, Every Time Without Fail

Representative Image: Getty images

Representative Image: Getty images

Tips that could help you in finishing your projects on time.

We all are expected to follow a certain kind of corporate etiquette which includes finishing your tasks and projects within the timeframe provided, however, most of us are infamous for missing out on those dreaded deadlines, so here are 4 tips that could help you in finishing your projects on time, every time!

1. Plan and Prioritize

Every task can be divided into sub categories and on the basis of such sub-division of the tasks you can easily identify what is to be prioritized. You need to plan your work and lay down a format of tasks with dates and time according to their priority.

2. Start ASAP

When a deadline is far away, we are in a laid back mode, and then as deadline nears and work piles on, we start the work in a fire-fighting mode. The result is either unappealing work or calling the head for an extension, either of which isn’t a good option. So, instead of deferring your work, start working on a project as soon as you get it, if not completion but at least go through it. Follow step# 1 and get going.

3. Your Own Deadline

In most cases once a project is done, it requires a final touch and review. So to get this done in an efficient way, you could set and adhere to a due date that you set for yourself which would be a week or few days prior to the actual due date assigned to the project. You could also get your project reviewed by someone at a higher position in the organization to get a better perspective on your work.

4. Finish Off

In case you’re nearing a deadline and have got a lot to complete, instead of slacking off and thinking of excuses to give, work diligently and do whatever is necessary to complete the task even if it means sacrificing on Netflix at night, or completely shunning Social Media during the day. Once you’re done with your work, you can do all that you missed!

  • First Published: February 1, 2018, 14:18 IST
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