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5 Life Lessons that You Must Learn in 20s

A little wisdom dose for you!

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: May 18, 2018, 12:14 PM IST
5 Life Lessons that You Must Learn in 20s Photo: Getty images
Life’s short and the wisdom you need to succeed is crucial to be learnt early on. Though our own experiences are the best teachers, but triumphant are those who learn life lessons and tread cautiously. Here are 5 life lessons you must know in your 20s to live the life you intend to:

1. Trust your Talent

Not everyone is talented, and even when people are, most miss their inner calling in the daily humdrum. Trust your instinct, trust that inner voice that asks you to chase your dreams and work on your true talent.

2. Own Yourself

You are responsible for your actions. Practice self-control and do not let others drive your behavior. Represent your future self today and avoid wrong, irresponsive, or hurtful actions for which you may regret later.

3. Face Your Fears

Understand what’s holding you back, identify your shortcomings and work on them. Face your anxieties, fears and formulate a way to win over these inner fights.

4. Value Time

Time is the most valuable thing in life. Value those who spare time for you and spare time for those who you value. Also, value your time! Remember you put minimum 45 hours a week to earn your living. Do not waste time in surfing the internet mindlessly or gossiping about others. Rather, invest time in your personal mastery and growth.

5. You Cannot Please Everyone

Lastly, do not waste time pleasing everyone, simply no one can. Rather respect others, their thoughts and nurture your self-respect too.
First Published: May 18, 2018, 12:14 PM IST


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