5 Ways to be Your Manager’s Star Team Member

Representative Image: Getty images

Representative Image: Getty images

5 things that really impress managers!

Your career graph largely depends on your immediate manager’s performance rating and review. While locking horns with your manager can smash your career ambitions, just a good team member tag also doesn’t take you places. The pie of success is largely taken by that Star team member who impresses the team manager with not just his/her numbers but also with the perception the manager forms of him/her. Based on a study conducted on a dataset of 50K managers, here are 5 things that really impress managers:

1. Being Open to Change

Managers need people who are receptive (not resistant) to change. Individuals who champion change are the star champions for managers too.

2. Sharing Progress/Problems

Keeping your manager well informed about the progress or problems surrounding your projects, nurtures a relationship of trust and understanding. Also, with his/her experience, your manager would be keen to help you out as a good mentor.

3. Positivity

Managers like positive team members who laugh often, exude high energy levels and inspire others with their positive attitude.

4. Timely Delivery & Initiatives

Timely delivery of KRAs and taking initiatives is another trait that managers highly value in their direct reporting employees.

5. Avoiding Conflict or Resolving One

Managers are a big fan of employees that avoid getting into conflicts with their super people skills. They like people who are able to resolve issues on their own, without hampering the work environment.

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