5 Ways to Immune Yourself from Toxic People

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Keep your work efficiency brimming.

We are surrounded by toxic people, some radiate negative energy unintentionally while others are just at it. Their negative attitude can be a real energy drainer and stressful for others. So here are 5 ways to keep you immune from toxic people and their energy so as to keep your work efficiency brimming:

1. Set Boundaries

Toxic people usually have many complaints, yet aren’t ready to find a proper solution to their complaints or problems. You find them complaining most of the time and a major part of the conversation you have with them is focused on cribbing. Of course, you’re a good human being and feel obliged to lend a supportive shoulder, however, limit your time as constant negativity impact your mindset too making you focus on the negatives more than the positives.

2. Battle it Out

Workplace competition is cutthroat and continuous, and in a situation where you’re competing with toxic individuals you must have the ‘never give up and battle all odds’ spirit instilled in yourself.

3. Focus on Solutions

Focusing on problems will do you no good as it will simply stress you out and add on to the negative emotions. Rather stay focused on the solution to your problems and how to go about it. This will not only help you in being positive but will also get you started in the direction of resolving your problems. When applying this to a toxic person, instead of focusing on how annoying the person is and fretting over it, focus on how to tackle that person and deal with him.

4. Ditch Negative Motivation

Feeling bad about something is human, however, letting it get to you so much so that you start de-motivating yourself by talking and thinking negatively is bad and stressful and thus, must be refrained from.

5. Self-care

The importance of self-care is underrated in treating emotions like stress and negativity. Self-care includes getting the requisite amount of sleep, exercising, avoiding excess caffeine or smoking. Getting adequate sleep de-stresses your body and mind, exercising help in letting out the negative emotions and toxins and helps in slowing down your body’s response to stress or negativity around you.

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