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5 Ways To Make the Most Out Of Your Weekends

Spend some quality time with yourself.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: October 13, 2017, 2:08 PM IST
5 Ways To Make the Most Out Of Your Weekends Image: AFP Relaxnews
From Monday to Friday, our thoughts are dominated by work, targets, and deadlines. Weekends come as a respite and reward for the work and pressure, that we load ourselves with during the weekdays. However, there are many amongst us, who bring home the work during the weekend or take up sundry freelance jobs for the time when we are supposed to refuel ourselves and spend some quality time with family.

Here’s a list of 5 Tips how you can utilize your weekends to recoup your energy levels and save yourself from exhaustion:

1. The Art of Saying No

The art of saying No is a crucial life skill that you must put to use, especially for the weekend. Be it any extra work that your boss wants you to carry home or be it a not-so-important social invitation or get together (unless it refills your with joy and energy), know how to turn it down politely.

2. Sleep a Little More

It is absolutely Ok to sleep a little more during weekends. If you are a night owl, waking up an hour late will make a big difference in your energy levels and overall health. And if you are an early morning bird, give yourself an hour or two during the afternoon, to refill the goodness that sleep entails.

3. Spend Less Time Outside

The weekends are meant for market visits for shopping to restock shelves, buy essentials, etc. However, you must stay clear of mindless window shopping as it will leave you exhausted than rendering any goodness.

4. Indulge

Know what makes your happy. Be it painting, listening to music, watching a movie, playing guitar or football, experimenting with your baking skills. Plan sometime every weekend to pursue your hobbies and artistic pastimes. These activities take your mind’s focus away from regular work and are really empowering.

5. Extra Money

Lastly, for those amongst us, who utilize their weekends to earn some extra bucks - it’s good to use your extra time however it shouldn’t come at the cost of your family bonding or your health. If you’ve picked a freelance job, ensure it doesn’t claim your entire weekend. Try to finish the task within a stipulated period of 2-3 hours rather than spreading it over these two-days of salvage.
First Published: October 13, 2017, 2:07 PM IST


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