7 Office Décor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Cubicle!

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Get set to impress your office colleagues!

Christmas and New Year are around the corner and the holiday mood is setting not just at our homes but in office too. This makes the right time to usher positive energy in our office cubicles by decorating them to welcome the New Year and give yourself a fresh start. Here’s a look at 7 quick office décor ideas to decorate your office space instantly:

1. A String Pennant or Photoline

Hang a little rope or string to hang on your favorite photos, quotes, important reminders (like a clothesline) from time to time, all through the year. Or you can create a gorgeous string pennant with photos of your loved ones. It will lend a distinct look to your desk and uplift mood at all times.

2. Succulents

Succulents are the best plants for your office space. They are beautiful, do not need pruning and don’t need much watering. Fill your favorite mug with some mud and place a succulent of your choice and add greenery to your cubicle. Place one, two or more of different shapes and colors.

3. Fun Magnets

Use fun magnets with different emoticons for your magnetic board. This is one thing that you can get under ₹10 to spruce up your office space instantly.

4. DIY Calendar

A calendar that can carry the space to write important reminders is a great savior. Create a DIY calendar for yourself for the New Year to keep your productivity levels up.

5. Stress Balls

Stress Balls take the stress away from your fingers as well as the mind. Stress balls make for a good attraction too.

6. A Stylish Tray

Instead of a boring organizer, invest in a stylish tray to keep your stationary, mobile phone and other tidbits organized on your desk.

7. Color Code

To lend a distinct look to your cubicle, color code your office decorative pieces and supplies. Office spaces are often neutral and adding colors like Yellow, Orange, and Fluorescent Green make your desk stand out and also boost creativity.

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