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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Talking to Someone

Some common mistakes to avoid while talking to someone.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: November 5, 2017, 12:17 PM IST
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No one is born perfect and everyday life gives us an opportunity to improve ourselves. Talking is the most common activity that we do day-in, day-out at our workplace and home – with strangers, friends, co-workers and our family. Although changes are difficult to make, it’s very much possible to avoid some common mistakes to be a person everyone finds good talking to.

1. Not Listening
This is probably the biggest slip most people commit when communicating with others. Many of us don’t communicate to understand but to give answers. Listen well, give interesting replies and let the other person know that you are interested in this communication.

2. Tone of Your Voice
Sometimes we get mistaken because of the tone of our voice. If the tone of your voice is not appropriate, people may misconstrue you. If you are mistaken for your words often, try to slow down and use appropriate pauses so that you don’t sound rushed.

3. Trying to Prove Right Always
Everyone has their own perspective of things and everyone is right as per them. Don’t appear rude by putting others down or speaking negatively to them.

4. Don’t be a Bore
Talk on topics which interest or engage the other party too. Bragging about something you can do or did, can bore people around you. Also, no one wants to hear about sad stories of your life or the day to day cribbing, unless they are your confidantes.

5. Checking Your Mobile
When talking to someone, ensure you restrict your mobile usage. Also, at important places or while speaking to superiors, put your phone on vibrator mode.

6. Sit-Stand
If the other person is standing, you too must stand up and talk. Don’t keep sitting and talking. Talking while sitting is still ok if you are talking with your subordinate, but if it’s someone senior in age or designation, you should stand up and converse.

7. Don’t Curse
Curse words must be refrained at all times at the workplace. It may work with people who you already know, but in a group where you are meeting someone for the first time or who are just acquaintances, refrain cursing. Don’t offend someone by using cuss words publicly.

8. Don’t Keep Checking Your Watch
This is a deal breaker and straight down rude. It shows that you are not interested and want to leave the conversation as soon as possible. If you do not have time, set correct expectations.
First Published: October 31, 2017, 10:55 AM IST



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