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8 Tips To Strike A Work-Life Balance With Ease

Representative Image (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ mediaphotos/

Representative Image (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ mediaphotos/

Work and share responsibility at the same time.

A Working woman is a super woman in real terms. While she works and earns to share responsibility in the family income, for half of her day, she takes care of her kids with equal ease once she is back from work. The way a woman organizes her work and family time doesn’t need anyone’s approval. People can either chose to appreciate her effort or maybe not. The opinion of others should never matter to the Woman in you. It is only a woman who knows how she strikes the work-life balance and here are 8 tips to balance the same with ease:

1. Learn to say No

If you are short on time and are unable to give time to the family – let others know that you cannot spend time with them. Pleasing people at the cost of your health or wish cannot work for long. Set the expectations right, in the beginning, itself. Be Polite but Be Strong. The same applies to the work zone too, remember, a true leader knows the art of saying No without offending.

2. Keep a Diary

Be your own PA and Jot down important meetings, reminders, dates, appointments in this. This will ensure that you never miss an important date. On a busy day with limited time – there are possibilities of you forgetting things. To avoid this, plan your day before hand.

3. Get a Help

If you are alone – get a helper/maid – who can come home early. She can help fix breakfast, lunch – pack your lunch box and clean the home before you leave your home.

4. Order Groceries Online

Instead of waiting for day-end to go to the market and get groceries, order them online. Place an order in the morning itself, so that it reaches on time in the evening. Buying groceries is one form of shopping no woman likes to spend the weekend for.

5. Conveyance + Convenience

If you travel some distance every day, get a permanent conveyance. Either choose to get a 2 wheeler for you, car or a monthly taxi/auto that can pick you up and drop you. Also, if you walk longer or take steps, it’s good to carry a comfortable yet sassy pair of sneakers.

6. Beautician at Home

Instead of waiting for the weekend or going in the evening for your parlor visit – call your parlor home. You will find many apps on Google / Apple store and all the good parlors in your locality can help you with this. Fix an appointment as per your schedule.

7. Take Care of Yourself

The world around you just starts with you. If you don’t take care for yourself – you will not able to balance your work and personal life. Give yourself time and do not compromise on this one aspect. It’s a game-changer.

8. Go Offline

Once you are back from work – plug yourself off from the internet for some time. Focus on What’s in front of you. Give time to your children or husband. Relax and spend some quality time with them.

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