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Avoid these 5 Body Language Mistakes at Workplace

Here are a few gestures, you must steer clear of.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: April 19, 2018, 11:40 AM IST
Avoid these 5 Body Language Mistakes at Workplace Representative Image: Reuters
Your body language speaks volumes about your mindset and aloud even when you are silently working at your cubicle. You might be the most dedicated employee on the floor; however, some body gestures and movements harm your image. Here are a few you must steer clear of, to appear genuinely interested in doing your work:

1. Slouching

Slouching in your chair can make you look careless and at obnoxious ease. Sit straight and work to appear aware and alert. Slouching also strains your back muscles, so you have more reasons to stop slouching from today.

2. Up-close-Personal

While we all know that touching your colleagues is a big no-no; however, even standing too close can invade their sense of privacy. Maintain a distance of 2-3 feet when your colleague is showing a ppt/spreadsheet at his/her desk and 1-2 feet when walking side by side.

3. Losing Eye-Contact

Not maintaining eye-contact or worse - looking at your mobile while discussing an important point at work can make you appear irritably uninterested. Look in the eyes of the other person to make conversations engaging.

4. Blank Entry

A blank entry without wishing others is considered uncivilized. Say a genuine ‘hello everyone’ or pass a beautiful smile when you enter the office or a meeting room.

5. Rolling Your Eyes

That eye-roll may help you control your exasperation, however, being a passive-aggressive response it just appears rude to others.
First Published: April 19, 2018, 11:40 AM IST


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