Career Advice from 7 Highly Successful Women

Image for representation only. (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Yuri_Arcurs/Istock.com)

Image for representation only. (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Yuri_Arcurs/Istock.com)

Career advice from the most influential women.

Women know women; women understand women and Women inspire Women. It is important to stay focused and motivated at all times to achieve the goals we’ve set out as young girls. And a little career advice here and there doesn’t hurt, especially when it comes from 7 highly successful women from various areas of professional life:

#1 On Partnerships

"The secret to being a successful woman in today's market is to walk to the beat of your own drum, listen to your intuition, and always follow through. If you plan on taking on a partner, follow the three C's rule, which also applies to finding a mate: communication, compatibility, and chemistry, for without that, your venture won't succeed." - Patti Stanger - Founder of Millionaires Club International.

#2 On Leaving a Job and Jumping in the Entrepreneurship Pool

"Strive to be the best you can be. If you participate in a charity, then don't just donate. Get involved and spend time with those who need it most. Internal motivation is key, because if you're not pushing yourself, who will? Also, embrace change. Most fear it, but it's a beautiful thing. When I was working at IBM in my early 20s, I was making great money and exceeding all my sales goals. But I had a gut feeling that I could do so much more and provide a service to change women's lives. With big risks come greater rewards and the chance to make a difference." - Cindy Barshop, Founder of Vspot Spa.

#3 On Humble Beginnings & Struggle

"I tell others that no matter what obstacles you faced growing up, with discipline and a positive attitude, you can create the life of your dreams. I came from a very poor background and worked 70 hours a week as a full-time college student, and now I am a happily married mother of two, marathon runner, and CEO of my own skincare line." - April Zangl, CEO of HydroPeptide.

#4 On Focus and Work-Life Balance

"The key to balancing work and family is to be present and focus on what is in front of you—be it a conversation with your kids or husband or working on a business case. Don't feel guilty about enjoying your work—your kids are getting a great role model in shaping their future happiness." - Becky Carr - CMO of Foxwoods, Resort Casino.

#5 On Reading

"The best advice I can give can be summed up in one word: Read. Don't be one of the 80 percent of people who didn't read a book last year. Reading is mental fitness. It is a workout for your brain. You just cannot get enough intelligent information without a steady diet of written articles, commentary, and most importantly, books. Readers do better in school, earn more money, are better citizens, have happier personal lives, and are more actively engaged in the world around us. Books get our minds out there, into the world of ideas, and where our brains go, our bodies follow." - Lisa Bloom, Celebrity Attorney.

#6 On Asking For Your Right

"Ask and she shall receive! Women often find it hard to ask for things, whether it's a business opportunity or a salary raise. We simply expect others to recognize our value and hard work. Asking for what you want in a gracious, thoughtful way often results in getting what you want, so put your fears aside and ask for what you want. You might just get it!" - Alexandra Lebenthal, President and CEO of Lebenthal & Company.

#7 On Goal-Setting

"Always look at the big picture. I started as one small beauty shop in Chicago and now have more than 65 locations around the world. I took things slow and evaluated the market. Set reasonable goals each month to stay on track, and in the end, you will become that much closer to reaching your dreams." - Reema Khan, CEO s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bar.

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