Ditch the clichéd Small Talk with these Conversation Skills

Representative Image: Getty images

Representative Image: Getty images

Opt for these 5 ways to make your conversations interesting

When we meet someone new, ‘small talk’ comes in handy, however it mostly ends up in awkward silence so ditch the clichéd small talk and opt for these 5 ways to make your conversations interesting, wherever you go:

1. Be Present in the Present Moment

First and the foremost, instead of being distracted by your phone or by thinking of things to say next, be present in the conversation and focus on what the other person is saying, followed by questions and answers, and an engaging conversation.

2. Find a Common Subject

Try to look for and talk about something that you and the other person have in common say a common friend, subject, dogs, home town, etc.

3. Ask Genuine Questions

When you actually listen to what a person is saying, you can ask many follow up questions that will not only get the conversation flowing effortlessly but also make it seem quite genuine.

4. Have Interests, Can Talk

People often don’t have much to talk about because they don’t really have any interests or hobbies. If you develop interests or hobbies, be it reading or some sports, you automatically have so much on a topic to share about.

5. When you Run out of Things to say

You never really run out of things to say, but when it seems that you have, focus on random things around you like the artwork in the lobby, the interiors or the surroundings.

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