Diwali 2017: Office Appliances Least Desired Gifts By Most Indians

(Image: Reuters)

(Image: Reuters)

Indians prefer to stick to tradition when it comes to Diwali gifts.

Despite the advances in technology, Indians prefer to stick to tradition when it comes to festivals like Diwali. According to a survey, while most Indians prefer sweets, office appliances are the least wanted gifts.

Velocity MR, market research, and data analysis company conducted a research covering Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Patna involving 2,028 adults in the age group of 25 to 55 with a 60:40 split between women and men respectively.

Office appliances are the least desired gift for Diwali with only 11 percent looking for them whereas sweets are the most desired gift (78 percent)

Indians prefer buying sweets from regular shops than online -- 76 percent buy from regular sweet shops.

Diwali means home. Eighty-two percent of people intend to celebrate Diwali at their homes. A very small chunk mentioned the native place, resorts, and the likes. Ninety-two percent people intend to celebrate Diwali with parents.

Almost 100 percent people exchange sweet boxes during Diwali followed by chocolates, dry fruits, and new clothes.

Indians buy gifts majorly for family members during Diwali. A very small group purchases gifts for work colleagues, charitable organizations and temples.

Close to two-third respondents wish there were less noise and firecrackers during Diwali, indicating increasing awareness and concern about sound and air pollution

Sixty-six percent people are positively supporting the Supreme court ban on firecrackers but 37 percent feel Diwali without firecrackers will lose its charm.

  • First Published: October 20, 2017, 07:16 IST
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