How Productive People treat their Sick Days Wrong?

Representative Image: (Photo Illustration by: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images)

Representative Image: (Photo Illustration by: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images)

Confessions by productive and highly successful people.

The problem with productive people when they fall sick is pushing themselves to work till they drop, even when their body and brain are not in a condition to take the workload any further. This set treats calling their boss for a sick day with extreme guilt and keeps visiting office till the time it’s too evident or beyond their limits. However, if you have caught flu or have extreme cold symptoms or viral fever, it’s better to call a day off and save the rest of your team from catching the contagious virus.

But as per several confessions by productive and highly successful people, even when they take a sick leave, they treat it utterly wrong. Let’s take a look at 3 such common ways how they mishandle the time which is meant for physical recovery and if you spot yourself on any of these, you know where you need to pause:

1. Work from Home

One major problem with productive people is the anxiety they develop lying in the bed all day or sitting idle. They generally resort to do full-fledged work from home even on days that are tagged as ‘Sick Leave’. Rather than doing all the work from home, it’s better to restrict yourself to just checking your inbox in an interval of 3-4 hours so as to ensure nothing at work gets stuck awaiting your approval plus you don’t have to waste time clearing your inbox once you’re back in office. Remember, it’s better to take complete rest, recover fast and work in full-swing when you are ready to bounce.

2. Household Chores

The second worst thing that you can do on your Sick Day is to do household chores. The clothes pile may suck or there could be other things seeking your attention, however, refrain yourself from running around so as to not compromise on rest your body needs. These household chores could be done during the weekend provided you are back in good health.

3. Screen Time

Last but not the least, do not spoil your route to recovery by mindlessly watching TV, Hotstar or YouTube; and also restrict scrolling through Social Media the entire day. Get the most of your day by taking midday naps, eating healthy food, and pampering yourself by dipping feet in hot water or basking in the sunshine. Limit your screen-time as for your brain it means just working in front of Screen.

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