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Key Strategies to Achieving a Work-Life Balance

It means getting your priorities in order!

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: December 11, 2017, 11:33 AM IST
Key Strategies to Achieving a Work-Life Balance Representative Image: Getty images
Work-Life balance is a goal that all of us wish to achieve, but most of the time, fail miserably. There’s no standard definition for Work-life balance, something that gives immense satisfaction to a person may not be even important to another person. But, whatever your personal definition of work-life balance is, the track to attain it must be jotted down. Let us take you through few steps that will bring you closer to your work-life balance goal.

1. Organize Your Work

Organize things at work, this should be your first step towards setting things straight. Bucketize your daily tasks as Urgent & Important, Urgent, Important and start with the foremost. Your work-life balance is achievable when you have less chaos in your mind. And organizing things at work is surely going to reduce it as you will have more clarity on what to do and where to start? You’ll save time, will be more productive and hence successful at work.

2. Organize Your Life

The second step goes towards organizing your personal life. Start with organizing your home and maintaining the same. Get your family members involved in keeping the home clean. Eat a healthy diet and share meals together. Sit together doing your daily-tasks during weekdays and spend quality fun-time during weekends. A family that stays together, builds a stronger bond, that gives mental satisfaction.

3. Official Down-Time

You must clearly state your official downtime. With work emails configured on our Smartphones and daily-delivery chats taking place even after work-hours, work seems to have taken full control of our personal space. Set a time for yourself when you’ll not indulge in workplace chatter anymore. You have your full next day to spend at work, after 8 PM it should be your family time only.

4. Social Down-Time

The advent of social media has reduced quality family time. A mother busy on WhatsApp with her chat groups or father stuck into his Facebook or LinkedIn profile finds it hard to even answer their child’s important questions. Surf social media while commuting on your way back to home, but restrict it when you are back home. Supervise your kids when they do their homework, spend 5 minutes of snuggling to let them feel what a parent’s true love is, share 5 minutes of eye to eye time with your family members than living in a virtual world.

5. Take Time out for Yourself

Last but the most important, work-life balance is all about your mindset, it all starts in your head. When you are stressed, all these issues look overwhelming. Keep yourself in good health for more clarity in life. Become a problem solver for others by overcoming your personal issues first. Take time to self-introspect, look what makes you happy and do it!
First Published: December 11, 2017, 11:33 AM IST


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