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Power Poses: A Reliable Hack to Sack Anxiety before a Big Event or Interview

Do you often feel full of anxiety and stress before a major event?

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: May 18, 2018, 11:34 AM IST
Power Poses: A Reliable Hack to Sack Anxiety before a Big Event or Interview Image: Getty images
Most of us get jitters just before the Big Moment. Though we know that we are knowledgeable, deserving and well prepared, the last few minutes before we step up in front of a huge audience or a panel of interviewers are often full of anxiety and stress.
Is there a scientific reason behind zillions facing the same issue?

Yes! According to researches and studies at the Harvard University amongst many others, researchers have established two hormones namely Testosterone and Cortisol behind this sudden change in our behavior.

As per Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist and Researcher at the Harvard University, higher testosterone levels are linked with confidence and while higher levels of cortisol are linked with anxiety and inability to deal with stress. Researchers have further established that our body language plays a significant role in releasing both the hormones.

‘Power Poses’ are our body positions that can help us cope up with anxiety and stress in less than two minutes by lowering cortisol levels to a great extent.

Researchers have proven this from the saliva samples of the subjects. In order to benefit from Power Poses you must understand the two variants viz:

High Power Poses – open & relaxed

TRP Moving Forward, Day 47: power poses! Body language changes how we see ourselves. I did the first pose in bed yesterday while I rested. I also visualized myself doing the full pose while feeling really energized. Call me crazy, but I felt better afterward! It made me see how I could change how my body was responding to thought without actually doing the full pose standing up. Just laying down and visualizing how powerful I felt in that pose was enough. Stuck in bed and feeling blue? Power pose under the sheets! I learned about these poses from the Amy Cuddy TED Talk, “Your body language may shape who you are.” #therowenaproject #movingforward #moveeveryday #amycuddytedtalk #powerpose #visualization

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High Power Poses boost testosterone levels by 20% and lower cortisol levels by 25% just after 2 minutes.

Amy Cuddy spoke at the cabi Leading Forward Training I attended 2 weeks ago in San Diego. Amy unapologetically loves Fearless Girl and her positive, ripple effect impact. The photos above her speak volumes. You can’t see me behind the cabi curtain at my cabi Fashion Experiences, but they say that is where the magic happens! It’s where I have been doing the “Fearless Girl” stance before I begin my presentation for about 2 Years now (since I watched her ted talk) to gather my confidence and take a deep breath to prepare. It’s working! Maybe you should try it too! #cabiclothing #cabistylist #leadingforward #fearlessgirl #fearlessgirlstatue #feelingconfident #amycuddy #amycuddytedtalk #wherethemagichappens #cabileadingforward

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Low Power Poses – closed & guarded

On the other hand, Low Power Poses drop testosterone levels by 30% and increase cortisol (stress levels) by 20%.
So, be a Power Poser!

Happy International Women's Day! Strike your power pose to boost your confidence! My nieces were born knowing their super hero poses!! Wow they amaze me. I'm a lucky aunty. You're a kick ass mama Carley Riley. Knowing these little ladies inspires me to be my best each and everyday! To boost your confidence, overall mood, and create a lasting positive presence of yourself try this little experiment and see how your body language affects your inner state! Every morning before you get ready to start your day, stand somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed and strike a Superhero power pose. Hold for 2 minutes. Smile, breathe deeply and think about accomplishing something big in your life. Visualizing a positive action or outcome will help speed up the positive feelings you will feel. To learn more check out Amy cuddy's Ted Talk. #internationalwomensday #powerpose #amycuddytedtalk #strikeyourpose #confidence #neicesrock #luckyme #loveyoutacey #loveyoufinley

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Practice the below poses not just before the big event, but every day to boost your confidence and control social anxiety, just Fake it till You make it!

First Published: May 18, 2018, 11:34 AM IST


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