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Say Goodbye To Monday Mayhem

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Last Updated: October 10, 2017, 07:41 IST

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Plan your mornings better.

Monday Mayhem! Does the feeling bring a sensation of absolute chaos to you? Well, you are not alone, many struggle every day to get to work on time, to get the child ready for school-bus on time, prepare breakfast, pack lunchboxes and so on. The morning chaos is not just about everyone getting late, chances are that a couple gets into spates, screams and indulge in blame game.

Let us take you through 5 tips to planning mornings better so everyone retains the energy to work the whole day rather than draining yourself in the morning itself:

1) Extra 15 Minutes

Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than usual, and use the time to mentally prepare for the day. The moment you are out of bed, you must hit the go button rather than lazing around.

2) Hire a Cook

Hire a cook who can knead the flour, make chapattis and prepare fresh vegetables every day in the morning. Good if she can come as early as 6 am, so she can be done by maximum 8; leaving time for you to BREATHE. For other tasks like house cleaning, washing utensils, and clothes, hire a separate made, so that all the work gets done simultaneously.

3) Independent Kids

Encourage your child to be independent. The sooner you train your child, better off you will be. If your child is independent, you don’t have to run behind him for a bath or brushing his teeth. If your child could dress himself up - this is a life savior.

4) Breakfast

Encourage your child to eat himself. It is stressful when you are getting late and your child hasn’t eaten anything. What follows is a wailing cranky child who does not want to eat anymore and a really tensed and irate you. The best way out of this is to – encourage your child to self-feed early on, instead of spoon feeding.

5) Plan Ahead

Instead of running around on a Monday morning for things – get things ready a day before and keep them handy. Use your weekend to get your kids’ school uniforms and your office wear ironed. Ask your kids to take out their uniform, polish school shoes and get the bag packed according to timetable – a night before. If they are too young, then do it yourself. Similarly, spare 5 minutes to plan your office wear, bags and accessories for the upcoming week on Sunday night itself. Lastly, prepare and stick a weekly menu in the kitchen. If you cannot hire a cook, prepare the veggies and knead the floor the previous night. Planning your next day ahead will keep your sanity intact and hence make you more organized and productive.

first published:October 10, 2017, 07:40 IST
last updated:October 10, 2017, 07:41 IST