This One Little ‘Good Read’ Can Make Your Day!

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Words of wisdom for you!

Taryn Toomey – a New York-based cathartic fitness expert believes in nurturing the mind, body and soul through mystical music, yoga and self-reflection. The following lines by this cathartic yogi will elevate your soul and shoo away Monday blues and make your day.

Credit: @Taryn Toomey

"Invest time to get yourself ready in the morning. Not from an appearance standpoint but as a form of self-care. Rub beautiful-smelling oils and creams on your skin. Curl your eyelashes so people can see your eyes sparkle. Look in the mirror and say kind things to yourself. Brush your hair. File your nails. Pick out your clothes. Wear things that make you feel beautiful. Accessorize. Adorn yourself with things that feel good for your spirit—maybe the quartz crystal that's been sitting in your jewellery box. No need to wait for a special occasion. Take time to make yourself FEEL your best."

However, the point is to not just read the above paragraph, feel great and move on… rather what you must do is to take this advice a wee bit literally and imbibe these little changes in your morning routine to feel like the queen you are:

1. Narrow down on a great essential oil that awakens your senses and uses it each morning, every morning.

2. A little Make-Up doesn’t harm. Give the plain Jane a little makeover to blush and spread the radiance.

3. Wear clothes that not just make you look beautiful but also feel beautiful.

4. Own and wear at least one jewel that you’d love to gaze at.

5. And lastly, invest time in yourself to remind your self-worth and how much self-care, self-love you deserve!

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